Problem build ipa

I have signed up to beta form 3 years ago, and now tried to build ipa and received a long error, and I read here that only beta testers can build.
Also I had testing flight on my ipad and run the emulator
So why can't I build?

Screenshot from the PowerUser forum:

If all goes well I am anticipating that the iOS builds will be turned on for production two feature releases after nb194. said Evan.

We hoped that once – two and a half years ago: :pray: :wink:

When the 2 version will release? He wrote next week in 25 August... you know maybe the time?

This means possibly in as soon as four to 12 months or possibly next Christmas. Don't expect a miracle.

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Actually, one of those two changes has gone out as part of nb149c (released last night). Regarding iOS builds, I'm still debugging an issue where the App Store rejects IPA files built with App Inventor but I'm still aiming to have it finished for nb196.


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