Pro camera: The pro custom camera

Did you test it with external camera??

I have plans todo so, if it cant i wont buy external camera


why with Android <10, the photo is saved in Pictures, while with Android => 10, despite the path change, it doesn't save it?

Im sorry, @Anke can you please help

Why did you change the path for Android < 11? The path file:/mnt/sdcard/Pictures/ does not exist.

The correct path should be a full path:

  • file:///storage/emulated/0/Pictures/myPic.jpg
  • file:///sdcard/Pictures/myPic.jpg
  • file:///mnt/sdcard/Pictures/myPic.jpg (may not work with some components and extensions)

or an absolute path:

  • /storage/emulated/0/Pictures/myPic.jpg
  • /sdcard/Pictures/myPic.jpg
  • /mnt/sdcard/Pictures/myPic.jpg (may not work with some components and extensions)

See also here: Some basics on Android storage system

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Could you add a block that returns bytes[ ] from the camera as an Object? And the height and width of the returned image?

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Hey @Kumaraswamy , I'm confused, is this a paid or free extension? If free where can I find the compiled .aix file?
Thank you very much!

Look towards the bottom of the first post in this topic, a direct download link is there.

Also see here for a forked version of the extension:

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