Previously working app now crashes

While I made an application 4 months ago and it worked, now when i try to compile it there is an issue to the final product, on a specific occation, when its out of connection

What i coded was this

What used to appear when out of connection was this

Now when i recompile the project, when out of connection it just crashes and this bug report appear

Can anyone understand what the problem is and how to fix it to the previous working condition?

Does the original compiled app work OK ? (the one you built 4 months ago)

Did you change "ANYTHING" before compiling the project this time ?

Android version you are testing compiled app on ?

Show more of your blocks....

The original worked just fine.
I did change the link it requested for web2, but the problem appeared when i was offline
The version is adroid 10

I found this topic and a suggestion to compile it on the test server, and it actually worked.

Hello, Just saw your comment and maybe you knew that MIT team has a plan to make the release this week to cover also the POST-related problem. It was written in the test server feedback form. Help is on its way.

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