Pop-up Dialogue box for input

I am trying to make an App to control Arduino board via bluetooh. Everything went well, was able to establish connection and send serial data to Arduino. The app has got 6 sliders, which send data when moved. Now I need to make the sliders’ minimum and maximum values customisable. In order to do this I want a pop-up dialogue box to appear, when a Edit button is pressed , with three input fields (minimum value, maximum value, prefix, ) and disappear when Save or Cancel button is pressed. How can I achieve this? Can the Notifier be used for this in some way?

See here for some ideas

SOLVED. The Extension you suggested worked like magic. This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks a lot for your incredibly quick response.

Can you send the extension as a file please? I want to download it from the post linked in the topic but the post is locked... also I can't add a reply since it's locked so I chose this one to reply in, it was the first result I saw, sorry for bumping a 2 year old topic btw

Dialog Anything Extension now here:

Also, depending on what you want to do:

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