Please I need help to load a page in the web viewer

I have this web page, it´s a static url and ends in html. It doesn't run when I put it in the web viewer.

I'm new to this, I appreciate your help.

Welcome. What does that mean? You must remember that the webviewer from App Inventor is not a full browser with the same capabilities.

The website is made with is see.

Maybe the Custom Webviewer from @vknow360 can do a better job.

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I understand, thanks. Do you have any tutorial to install the extension?

You can download the .aix file from the link given by Peter in post #2.

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hahaha I use the translator, I speak little English

But what doesn't run? What do you see when you show this url in the webviewer?

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The first screen is seen and when pressing the buttons nothing happens (if it is made in wick editor). I'm going to try the extension, thank you very much

It's a very poorly defined web site and might not display/work well on a smartphone but the Custom Web View extension gives you the best possible chance and should allow the buttons to work.

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On your PC, check the pages of the website here:

That will tell what technical issues the site has, but on top of that it appears the design is not mobile-friendly. If I run it on my phone in the Chrome Browser, the page is tiny and the buttons fail to work - the site also fails to ask if I accept the 3 cookies that are installed on my phone!

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@michael_morantes i played a bit with the wickeditor and was able to switch screens when loaded in the app inventor webviewer.

I have to use the Mouseclick option to make it work.

What i noticed when using it was that i most of the time have to double click to make it switch to the next page. Maybe your code works with buttons related to the keyboard.