Please Help -I can not install the emulator

Hi. I dont have an android device so i need an emulator to test my apps. So i tried to install the emulator from this site:
(i am using an windows 10 pc and my pc has been reset so maybe some packages missing i dont know actually)
i am clicking to the "Download the installer" and nothing happenning. Only bottom left of the screen writes and after 2 seconds text disappears.

And i english isnt my main language so i am sorry if you cant understand my text. And please use an simple english writing the answer:)Thanks;)

That same problem happened to me.

Maybe the emulator version is too old, or the emulator does not support these new devices.

Open a new window, type or paste in address, hit enter and download will start. Otherwise you can use an emulator like Genymotion or MemuPlay and install Companion to test apps

Works, thank you!

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thanks for your answer but it didnt work, the site closes quikly and nothing happens. If you have the emulator exe can you upload it on drive and please can you share the drive link?