Playing sounds at intervals less than 1 second apart


I want to play a sound every 250ms. I have a timer that fires every 250ms. I verified that it was counting 4 every 1second so the timer is firing correctly. Now I want to play a sound every 250 ms so I get 4 beats every second. It is the same sound and is in .wav format. I have uploaded the source file to the sound component and set the source file at the start.
The problem is the interval between sounds is not uniform. It stutters. If I set the timer so that it plays a sound every 1second, it seems to sound correct.
The sound file is only 50ms long. There is seems to be some internal delay that is causing non-unformity when I play at intervals less than 1000msec. The shorter the duration, the worse it is.
I have set the minimum interval to be 10ms.

Any suggestions?
Thank you

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