Picasso: Extension to load images efficiently with Picasso

It seems possible.
You should try and let us know the result.

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Yes, great.

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ChangeLog Version 1.4

  • Added new transformation options
  • Multiple transformations separated by , can be used
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Please explain ...

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These new transformations:


Like this:


where can I get Version 1.4 extension link?

can i load image by drive url??

How to remove background of component / layout, after the LoadImage?

Aren't you able to change it with BackgroundColor property?

ok for arrangement, but Image do not have BackgroundColor property.

Sorry, I am unable to understand your query :sweat_smile:

What I mean is:
After I set an Image with this extension, how can I remove the picture on the Image component?

any way I have made an remix version from your open resource code, like this


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or use an 1x1px empty transparent image (empty.png).


and I dont understand the meaning of enableIndicators. What's this for?

For height/width, I tried to set it to a different value from image's orign height/width, but it did not have any change.

Picasso says it is for debugging purposes to see from where the image is coming i.e. cache, storage or online.



ChangeLog Version 2

  • Migrated to Rush
    Aix size reduced by 50%

com.sunny.Picasso.aix (339.7 KB)


Picasso error

test version in niotron and appinventor

the error information is

ERROR: appinventor/ai_anon6403037951164/test/Screen1.yail line 27: caught exception in inliner for # - java.lang.RuntimeException: no such class: com.sunny.Picasso.Picasso

Re-import extension and then build apk.

thank you for your fast replay
i imported many times and can not find the reason while other extensions can work

Try in a different project.