Phone falling detection

What code do you need for your phone to detect whether its falling or not

Perhaps try this with a run in Background extension might work. You need either an accelerometer or orientation sensor or gyroscope. This example uses an accelerometer.

You will need to adapt the code using an accelerometer for your falling phone situation (actually code used to detect a fall person is the same as the developer can only detect a fall in that case only if the person has a phone in the hands or on their person,

The app would have to run in the Background and the phone turned on. :wink:

Thank you! but can you possibly give me some sample code for that

also can you try to see if it is possible to get an ai voice to to talk in a phone call

Thank you!

There are Blocks in the supplied link along with an aia. How to use it with a background extension I don't know. See IToo for one possibility. [FREE] Background Tasks: Itoo

Here is another possibility related to a phone that starts its fall with it's
screen not facing down but ends up facing down during or at the end of the fall How to trigger something if device is facing down might work if the code is run in the background.

Thank you!