A regular textBox has the "numbers only" setting. The passwordTextBox doesn't have that. How can I enforce that the numerical keyboard is shown i.s.o. the full keyboard when the pwdTextbox is touched?
The motivation is that my password is a PIN code and should only contain numbers. Of course I can check the input and notify the user that the input should only contain numbers, but it would be nice to use the NUM keyboard to prevent the user from entering anything else than numbers in the first place.

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It is a good point, i will put it forward to MIT as a feature request.


You can use TextBoxTools extension by @Ken


Yes, as it's already the case in Kodular:

Or this:



make your textbox as password box select numbers only and say if textbox text = variable a then do your operation

Installed the extension. This what the doctor ordered. Thank you so much.

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