[PAID] [V2] Facebook Ads : Monetize your apps easily

Update V2 coming soon !!! Facebook Native ads found working, :slightly_smiling_face:


Just a teaser for V2

Will be released in 2-3 hours

V2 will have :

  1. MRec Banner
  2. Large Banner
  3. General Banner
  4. Native
  5. Native Banner
  6. Rewarded
  7. Interstitial
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So guys, V2 is here !!!

Now it has ad types :

  1. MRec Banner
  2. Large Banner
  3. General Banner
  4. Native
  5. Native Banner
  6. Rewarded
  7. Interstitial

Fact : V2 needed approx 600 lines of code :sweat_smile:


You don't follow the recommendations very much ... there are still naming errors ...


Oops, Sorry forgot :sweat_smile:

Here are Updated blocks :

Sorry Again !


Hi. It works in Kodular ?? and how can i buy?

All ads extensions will NOT work in Kodular
To purchase the extension send a pm = private message to the developer



It is neither allowed nor it works


So, after 30th September, Facebook Ads is bid only

What is bidding?
We’ve seen high adoption of and strong results from bidding. Audience Network is on track to have 50% of revenue transacted through bidding before the end of 2020, so while Apple’s changes greatly accelerate the transition timeline, our bidding focus continues a trend already benefiting a significant number of publishers.

Bidding has proven to help publishers maximize their revenue and increase operational efficiency versus waterfall. In our recent report, The New Era in Ad Monetization: How App Bidding is Transforming Businesses, we’ve seen businesses experience up to a 27% increase in average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU). Further, publishers report reducing time spent on ad operations by up to 50% as a result of moving from waterfall to bidding.

Industry analysts also note bidding’s positive impact on publishers and the ad ecosystem. In IDC’s The Current State of Header Bidding and In-App Bidding, Karsten Weide, VP Advertising, IDC says, “Bidding helps democratize the auction process, allowing publishers to work with more marketers, in terms of both total number and variety of sources. The model also allows publishers to increase their inventory revenue yield and fill rates.”

(Taken from https://www.facebook.com/audiencenetwork/resources/blog/audience-network-to-become-bidding-only-beginning-with-ios-in-2021)

What must I do?
Now u can use Bid to maximize your app revenue

Supported for FB Mediation
Ironsource Ads : Setted Up :white_check_mark:

More networks Coming soon.....

Where is tha test apk

What about sdk changes? If Facebook update sdk will u give updated version

yes, i'll happily

hello, please can you tell what is the latest SDK used in this extension?
do this extension work with Niotron ?

Hi, yes it does, lets discuss in pm :slight_smile:

please what is the latest Facebook ads SDK used in this extension?

6.11.0 is used in aix.... :slight_smile:

Aix now supports bidding with

  1. Admanager
  2. Admob
  3. Ironsource
  4. Unity
  5. Appodeal
  6. Chartboost

check dm..

I want to buy the extension.

Bhai mujhe extension buy karna hai apka whatsapp kya hai