[PAID] Startapp Ads Extension With Native Ad (4.8.9)

Startapp Ads Extension With Native Ad (4.8.9)

Hello guys, I've build this ad extension for you with native ad using latest sdk. Also test mode available for testing your own ads.

Total Blocks
15 events, 17 functions and 8 properties are available on this time.

Before load any ads you've initialize sdk with your own app id.

Banner/Cover/Mrec Ad
This blocks are for showing banner, cover or mrec ads. Same block to show all types ads.

This blocks are for showing interstitial, reward, offerwall and automatic ads. Same block to show all types ads.

Native Ad
This blocks are for showing native ads.

Test Mode
Use this block to enable/disable test mode.

Extension Specifications:

[link removed]
Version: 4.8.9
Price: $7.25 USD
Last amendment: 23 Jun 2021


Nice extension @JEWEL :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

thanks a lot

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Hello @MIT,
I need edit access to update my topics. Please give me edit access to my topics.
(Thanks for your valuable time)

Once you become a regular contributor to the forum, not just posting your paid extensions for monetisation, then your user level can be elevated....


Kindly add a notice @JEWEl , Google has removed startapp from Family Ads Program , As a result of this, apps using startapp ads can't be published on google play, Reviewers are likely to reject apps using it them,


I want to buy this extension.
Before I need to know if it is compatible with kodular fenix.
I wait fast answer. Thanks!

Kodular does not allow any ads extensions

Niotron too doesn't allows it.

unless you buy monetization pack