[PAID] Online Multiplayer (2 Players) 1v1 Quiz App

Hi everyone,

Introducing Online Multiplayer (2 Players) 1v1 Quiz App where 2 players can play a quiz in real time powered by Firebase realtime database.


  1. 1v1 quiz app between 2 online players.
  2. Matchmaking will be done in 2 players which are searching for opponent at same time.
  3. After successful matchmaking Room will be created between these players.
  4. Supports multiple rooms at same time.
  5. Fastest answer given user with most correct answers will be winner.
  6. 5 questions are asked which will be multiple choice questions (MCQ).
  7. 10 seconds stopwatch timer for each question.
  8. Points allotted depending on the time taken to answer each question.
  9. Real-time score exchange/sync between 2 players.
  10. Detailed score analysis in results.

Other Features

  1. Clean, attractive User Interface.
  2. Login with Google.
  3. Opponent name and image will be shown in live quiz which will be taken from Google login.
  4. 1 minute waiting time during searching opponent.



Extensions Used

No paid extensions are used.

Login with Google used from FSA extension from Vknow360.

Test Apk

Quiz1v1AI2.apk - Google Drive

Price & How to Buy

DM/PM me. or Telegram me: (Username: Kiranamadde)


Thanks AI2 for this great platform. Made with AI2 :heart:

You can use this Aia to develop any multiplayer games or Tournament Apps