[PAID] šŸ’² In-App Billing : Advance Billing Extension (V6.1.0)

Paypal also available to pay me.
Message me personally to get payment information.
(Thank you)

Can I see your blocks and
use on a live phone please?

Hello @Dude, blocks are already shared in community and also test application available.

Off all the payment options can the app creator set the subscription prices themselves? Like for Monthly $.199, quarterly 9.99, and yearly? in any of the payment options you have in the .aix extension?

Where is test app please?

Test this application.

:loudspeaker: SDK updated to V6.0.0

  • Extension size increased 139 KB.
  • Replaced ProrationMode by ReplacementMode.

(Read release notes for more information ā†’ Release Notes)

Reminder: Starting on August 2, 2023, all new apps must use Billing Library version 5 or newer. By November 1, 2023, all updates to existing apps must use Billing Library version 5 or newer. Learn more .

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@JEWEL Price of this extension

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Price mentioned in main topic, it's $12

@JEWEL Thanks for this great extension and i purchased today and it helps me a lot for my projects.

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Purcharging the app for 1 week ago and I'm loving it. Helping me to get more money for upgrading more feature for my project

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Can I have a Example blocks for build the monthly subscription please?
I got a long time wrong way and just know that post, Iā€™m really need the help please

And how can I find the link to download the extension please?

Can anyone helps on in app billing for subscription

@Kim_K I now moved your posts into the correct thread
let's wait for an answer from @JEWEL
PS: I delete a few irrelevant posts to keep this thread clean...

It belongs to @iamwsumit

Thank you so much

If you bought an extension from AI2 Store, you are using @iamwsumit's in-app billing extension and not Jewel's. The icon of the extension you showed looks different.

I can't seem to find an App Inventor topic of Sumit's in-app billing extension. It's published in Kodular Community though. You might want to message Sumit privately regarding this matter.

Thank you , Jewel is helping me now, I have to use the google play billing on that

I want to purchase this extension.

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