[Paid] Google Spreadsheet Extension

Google Spreadsheet Extension

A Non-Visible component that helps you to perform CRUD operation on your Google Spreadsheet.

Documentation of Extension:


  1. The extension is free but you have to buy Google Apps Script.
  2. You have to pay 25$ for the Apps Script.
  3. After buying the Apps Script you need to deploy on your Google Account.(If you are not able to do that I will help you.)
  4. In future if I will add new methods then you also get free upgrade.

Download Link:

com.preet.spreadsheet.aix (18.1 KB)

If you are interested to buy then please DM me on community.


Awesome work @preetvadaliya sir

Great extension, but I wonder if there is already free alternatives (including Apps Script).

Also here is a guide for reading cell, column, sheet and number of columns/sheets with 0 Apps Script and 0 extensions.

@gordonlu310, Yes you are right but this extension have extra methods also. you can create new spreadsheet also. CRUD on sheet itself and CRUD on data also.