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Extension to get all installed package names without QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission Made by Aditya Nanda.


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Returns a list of all installed app package names


returnType : list

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Thank you for your contribution
Please follow the naming conventions

get Packages-> GetPackages


Thanks @Taifun Fixed

everything is much simpler in fact. to perform the same function, it is enough to use a terminal query with the command "ps", and put the result in the list. simply put, the same result can be obtained with the help of several blocks and the terminal extension. and without requesting additional permissions. and here is a whole paid extension :slight_smile:

You are welcome to write a tutorial in a separate topic.

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@11124 You are always welcome to make a topic as said by @Kevinkun :slightly_smiling_face:


I need to correct you.

The ps command only returns running processes, it does not return installed apps.

To return all installed packages run:

cmd package list packages

To return user installed (third party) packages run:

cmd package list packages -3

Getting the actual app names requires root access, from what I can find. (or use adb)


ls ${PATH//:/ }

will return all your linux programs

yes, I made a mistake with the team name. instead of "ps", you should specify "pm" text: "pm list packages". no ROOT rights are required. as a result, we instantly get a list of installed applications and then we can operate with it. in total, this requires only a short extension for the terminal command and a couple of blocks in the editor :slight_smile:

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