[Paid] Admob Ads With Mediation : SDK - 23.0.0 πŸ”₯

Hi @Perfectly_thought, it looks like there is something to discuss between you and @JEWEL... please do this in a PM... we are not interested in this discussion here in the community... thank you...



Sir, I don't know about whether this ad extension works in Niotron or not but 'Every external ad extension needs an Niotron Ads subscription even after buying this(extension)'

@Perfectly_thought you were asked to discuss this outside this topic with @JEWEL. Don't use this topic for that as @Taifun asked.


Hey guys.

I bought this extension.
And the followings are the result my testing
Almost works fine.

1: Banner Ad > Good
2: Interstitial Ad > Good
3: Rewarded Ad > Good
4: Native Ad > Under testing
5: compatible:kodular

If you are thinking about buying this extension,
please refer to the above.

Thank you.


What ! In kodular AFAIK you can't use ads extension

@JEWEL I want to know how you have created admob ad extension this need aar library which is not supported in appinventoe

why don't you discuss this on pm ?

App Inventor support jar library, use jar instead of aar


Yeah, completely correct...

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Afaik jars can't fulfil XML resources, seems like jewel uses some logic/trick


i want to buy it

If you want to buy then dm to @JEWEL

@wormboy already bought it

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Sdk updated and price decreased.
Please knock me to get updated aix.

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Sorry, the above mentioned was my mistake.
Kodular prohibited this extension.

Brother, someone has already given your extension to me by taking money but not working, asking to register and contact you po please help me ,

of course you should have bought from the developer not from someone now you cant do anything


But is there any way to register

@JEWEL is the author of this extension. Is the 'someone' authorized by @JEWEL to sell the extension?

To buy an extension, only purchase from its owner. For example, this is an excerpt from Taifun's paid Alarm extension's Terms and Conditions.

This is a single user license for you as App Inventor developer, which means, the extension (aix file) is only for you to use. You are not allowed to pass the extension (aix file) to someone else. In case you are interested in a multiple user license, please contact me by email.

You can also see this in his/her website:

This is is the only authorized place to download this extension. It is not allowed to host this extension somewhere else and offer it for others to download , be it on another website or market place or similar.


SDK is updated to latest 21.0.0 and now it's more easy to use.
(Knock me everyone who need the update, thanks)