[Paid] Admob Ads Extension : Integrate Latest SDK - 23.2.0 🔥

Only. support kodular

This extension support all builders.

:loudspeaker: MAJOR SDK Update Available

  • Admob SDK updated to 23.0.0.
  • UMP SDK updated to 2.2.0.
  • I’ll charge a small fee for this MAJOR SDK update.
  • Special discounts will be applied to registered happy users and those who have already purchased the previous version (22.6) or upgraded from 21+ to the previous version (22.6). The discount will not be valid for those who have purchased 22+ and are also receiving regular minor updates at no charge.
  • If I forgot to add you into happy users list just let me know. (:smiley: Meet happy users)
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Thanks for this update, great job, I have already received it :grinning:

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I purchased it today and the purchase prozess run very friendly and easy.

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Thanks for your valuable feedback :+1:

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Follow this video to set your own AdMob Application ID.

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:loudspeaker: SDK is updated to 23.2.0 (Latest)

  • Added IsCollapsible to indicate whether the last loaded banner is collapsible.
  • Added IsLoading to indicate whether the ad is still loading.

Thanks, the video is very well explained, my extension already works in MIT App inventor 2, and I like that the extension is being updated.

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