Open Failed Eacces(Permission Denied) using TaifunFile extension

I create a Share Button when user click that button it opens WhatsApp with share msg & image I want to share
I uses taifun files to copy file name like this

So actually it’s working but with an error it sends picture which I want to send but why it’s showing this error

I granted Read permission & write permission(I make some changes in blocks by removing write permission)

Also this error shows whenever screen(in which I use ask permission block) opens

Even though permission is granted from app setting

Also want a little more information
My screen 1 is just a loading screen it means after clock timer Home Screen opens
Will it work with the block I use for permission?

see the tests by @anonwins about how to use the file extension to copy something to shared storage

you should use absolute paths like file:///storage/emulated/0/Share.JPEG to copy the file
I do not think, reading from a shared directory works like this after SDK30...

let me suggest you to copy the file to the ASD and share it from there... no permissions necessary...


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