Open a screen for the first time using TinyDB

The same error still occurred, ( Select list item: Attempt to get item number 5 of a list of length 0: () )

Why do you need a list of 6+ items in TinyDB,
and have you run out of ideas for tag names for whatever you were storing
in those list items?

They deserve their own tag names and values.

i need a list to store:
Math class, english, etc...
second, im just a newbie trying to make an app, names for me doesnt rly matter lol.

Try it:

The problem is that your list is empty. When the list is empty there are no entries, so its length is 0. You are trying to get entry 5 and 6 from the empty list.

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im so annoyed, even with u guys help it stills shows the same error ._.


Please explain global rotulo to us.

Try it:

im going to share my project with you guys,just let me translate some labels. Give me a minute

here is my project, if yall got any questions about translation, yall can ask me
Escolabr.aia (1.3 MB)


Still need that explanation about global rotulo.

i dont know what is it. I made that project 2 years ago and only today im giving it more attention, since covid is a thing.

The blocks you showed are on Screen1. The App always starts on Screen1. When the app starts, there is no data in the variable "rotulo", so your list is empty.

Try it.

A message will appear, but there will be no error.

yeah,it is supposed to start with nothing since its the first time u logged in, u will need to press sign in in order to get the username and password stored

i tried and i got this

The operation length of list cannot accept the arguments: , [-44.11083]
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

This will work

well it works (YEYY) but its not showing "Cadastre-se" (aka sign-in in portuguese)
Also if u can, explain what u did there?

I don't know much about your application, I don't know when this inscription should appear. You can try it:

yey! it worked, thank you so much!

i got tons of other errors in other screens, do u want to help me out or do u want me to close this? maybe u could get a rest xD

If there's anything you can't deal with, ask. With free time, someone will answer.

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