OCR extension crashes always

I found an interesting extension to perform OCR made by Mika @ Makeroid but... well.. also if seems to be simple to use it always crashes. I just try an example and cut it at the minimum needed to make some tests but it always crashes, of course without any report, error or anything else visible. This is my code:

I found that apps made using this extension do not work with the companion but in my case also if I build the apk and install it does not work. When I press the button to take a picture it returns Err 908: the permission WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE was denied. Please enable it in settings app.
But... I did not find this permission anywhere in my smartphone (POCO 5G) and I did not deny any permission.

to find out why use logcat

this seems to be an issue with the camera component, see also this thread

see also the workaround there...


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In the mean time I found the same thing... in my smartphone runs Android 11... so I confirm that setting Screen1 option DefaultFileScope to Legacy solves the problem.
But another one arises... taking a picture with my smartphone camera takes always more than 1MB, about 2.25MB at lowest resolution, I think this is the worst problem to solve unless there is a way to select another camera, there are 3 cameras on the back (main 48MP and the others 2MP) and a 8MP on the front, so one of the 2MP is used for macros, it should be OK to take a picture for this use but how to select it is the next test. In Camera there is nothing to select a camera, I also have CameraVision extension and also it has nothing to select one camera.

interesting, I am looking at it