Notifier Show progress dialog properties

Please I am trying to change colors of show.progress dialog and also text, but it seems it is not working, first I tried change color from the designer viewer and nothing happens
then I tried to change color from blocks viewer.
Thank you

The Properties on the Notifier that a developer can modify are discussed here> Notifier


Specifies the background color for alerts (not dialogs).

Specifies the length of time that the alert is shown – either “short” or “long”.

Specifies the text color for alerts (not dialogs).

An extension might help. I don't know if there is one that allows that. At the present time, developers can not change the properties you want in the native Notifier dialogs. What you see are the default properties for the Android version in use.

Thank SteveJG you for your reply, I thought I could do it using blocks but I will try to see if there is an extension for it.