Notification ist not coming up

Hi and thank you for your help!

I’ll go crazy. I try to start a notification, but it only comes up at the end of the called subroutine . How can I make the notification appear immediately and switch it off again at the end of the routine.

Here ist the part of the Click-Event:


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You can’t run the progress notifier and close it in the same event.

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Many thx. for the info. That’s what I thought. However, I had already taken out the last line for testing. The dialog then comes, but not before I start the routine (DateilisteKopieren), but only afterwards. Although the dialog is called up right at the beginning of the click event. I haven’t found a way to find out if a notification process is in progress

What is the solution

Here are some example blocks. See how the DismissProgressDialog block is in a different event from the ShowProgressDialog. Your procedure (the part inbetween show and dismiss) needs to be long enough for the dialog to show, otherwise it may just blink the screen.


thanks for the example, i already knew that. I had previously tried to run the dialog in various events (click and timer), but that doesn’t help me because I can’t split my routine as much as it should. Is there any other way to find out if the progress dialog is already running so i am just waiting for it to appear?


You will need to reorganise your blocks so that actions happen in a logical order (for example - if you have any blocks after you start a clock - should they go in the timer event after you stop the clock ?). You will then see where everything should go, and how to start and finish the progress dialog


I think it’s all in the right order. In the procedure “DateilisteKopieren” a large amount of files is copied, this takes arround 1,5 seconds, but neither the text field nor the notifier is executed, but first the procedure and then the first two lines. I’m going crazy there, can’t that be ?! Is that a multitasking problem?


The model of event processing in App Inventor by @Franklyn_A_Turbak

as @TIMAI2 already said


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.