Not new but still unsolved topic (NFC tags)

Well never ending story with NFC tags...
I have number of tags from ST and NXP I use for "product identification" application. I have developed iOS application that works fine, but now need also identical Android app.
So to avoid difficulties with Android Studio I tried appInventor2.
Unfortunately observe big unsuitability of NearField component.
I have write Java application to write and read NFC tags and check if it works and ... it works ok, but when try use NearField component from appInventor I get "unsupported tag" massage.
So question is why appInventor unsupport the tags?
ISO 14443-3A
NFC Chip NXP NT3H2211
tag is FORMATED so it is not "invisible"
Could any of more experienced members let me know what is the issue here?
I would like evaluate usefulness of appInventor to my daily work, but it seems so far very poor performance - but maybe I just do not understand principles and it will be fine:(

To use App Inventor 2 for your purposes, you will probably have to use an extension unless the 'solution' described in the thread regarding unsupported tags works for you. Presently no extension exists.

What is possible with MIT and NFC tags:

@Pawel you're correct. NFC is still pretty much an unresolved (and un-talked about) topic for AI2. NFC is arguably the single most powerful technology on the modern Android phone. Yet, many smart phone users to date have never even used it once. 12 years ago yesterday (2008-09-23) Android was released. And since then ...

~ 57,000 patent filings are returned on Google Patents for Bluetooth since Android's first release

~ 34,000 patent filings are returned on Google Patents for NFC since Android's first release

Hi @Pavel, try if this extension is good for you purpose