No buttons working at all

Congratulations, you invented a new mistake!

You have to put text in your buttons to make them visible,
not on your screen background.

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The background image does not have the same format and proportions on all Android devices (especially not in the designer). Therefore the buttons are not accessible where they should be.

If you want to keep your font, you have to create an individual image with the respective font for each button and assign it to each button.

Hahaha! Well it is my first app ever. So I just need to put text on the button and itll work? Surely that will obscure the background image?

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You have to delete this text from the background image:

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Which do you want, fancy or lazy?

The lazy way is to cut off the text from the bottom of your beautiful background and rely on button text.

The fancy way is to cut and paste the text into individual button images, and set the button background color to 'none' to let the image show.

So what are you feeling, lazy or fancy?

Well it really doesn’t have to be fancy as it’s my first app for college. It’s due tomorrow so I best get a move on. Thanks guys!


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