New extension needed

Is it feasible to create a new one block extension that executes the timer for given number of milliseconds and than return the control to the calling programm to the next line of programm code?
When its necessary only to wait until , for example, the TableViewer will refresh the table, such new block can be useful.
The usage of normal timer in such cases only complicates the code and this new extension could simplify the code and its understanding.
Is it feasible?

Simple answer: No
Long answer:

Otherwise it would
a) be possible with blocks
b) have been done already

Thanks for this doc The simple Virtual life: A Single Thread of Execution in App Inventor Screens.
Its a pity but its clear

Maybe possible if MIT merge the anonymous procedure, this PR already there for several years, but for some reason, it is not merged.

For example

this is implemented on my own server.
this block will call an api and get result async, and the callback procedure will deal with the result, and no need a seperate event block.

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In the callback, where does locations come from?

result of some http Request.

From TWebAPI?

in this block, yes.

when the http Request get the result, the callback procedure will be called.

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