New App Inventor User Interface in Open Beta!

Hello @Susan_Lane and @Taifun,

I have a suggestion that might address both Taifun's concerns and the current situation, Susan. Could we provide an option for users who start their projects with the Beginner Toolkit to switch to Expert Mode through the settings? I understand it may be a bit complex but it's feasible and might resolve the issues Taifun highlighted.

P.S: I'm so sorry about that, I just checked that it's possible through setting option.

Best regards

You can always change your Toolkit in Project Settings. The question is how to help users find the right options as smoothly as possible.

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I'm so sorry about the confusion I just created, I just checked that it's possible through settings option

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When I switch to neo interface the screen and panels appears like this:
(using Chrome and Opera browsers)

But this does not happen using classic interface on Chrome or Opera browsers.
Is there something I need to set?

A couple of glitches when loading AI2 with the Neo UI.

When the page first loads, some text is flashed up on an white bacjkground

Then, the menu bar on the left at the top, displays with text in the green buttons, before reloading them with their icons/correct appearance.

No big deal, but untidy :wink:

This video shows the second of the two, for some reason did not capture the first.

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Hmm. I'm not sure why that is happening. What platform are you using? Windows? Which version? Are you running any browser plugins that affect the appearance of webpages?

Do you mean just the column widths, or is there also an issue with your app? I.e. is the markup text in your WeatherApp what you intend?

Hi Susan,

The markup html in my app is intentional for my title text

I'm using windows 11 platform.

Yes, only the columns are affected

As for browser plugins I'm using dark mode that just darkens the screen. I have disabled it and no difference.

can we create offline version of app inventor with thunkable theme.

if anyone is intrested in making app inventor offline with simple thunkable theme i will make nad draw all asset.

We have no plans for creating an offline version, but our new UI refactor allows anyone to create new styles. I haven't put together a tutorial on how to do it yet, but I can give you some tips if you want to try.

if its simple to create offline version . i like to compile Ai2 Library. give me your tips. i am using Linux Mint OS.

If you want to create an offline version, you're welcome to do so and submit it to our project in a PR.

Our repository is here:

You will see a "styles" directory under "client" with one subdirectory "neo."

The "neo" directory contains all the files you need for a new style, including the css and icon images. Create a new directory under "styles" and a version for each of the files in "neo."

We use a GWT feature called UIBinder that allows us to create templates in XML, but with the examples there, it's pretty straightforward to create new ones.

Note: This is not about creating an offline version. That is not simple. This is just about creating a different user interface appearance (style).