Needs a way to code for an event which happens when a LABEL is clicked

I need a way to open another screen when a label is clicked, kind of like a link/url. Pls Help!!

First of all in order to make label clickable you have to use an extension such as [FREE] ClickZ - An extension to add click, long click and more actions to components! then once this label is click you could use open another screen block to open the screen you want

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ok, thanks! I'll try it =)

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But even after installing the extension, I can't see any blocks for it. is there anything we need to do to "activate" the extension?

Drag extension and drop it to mockup phone. See how

Did you drag the extension onto the phone image in the designer ?

oh thats how you activate!!
no i did not :sweat_smile:

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just tried it, doesnt work. reloaded page also.

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ok thanks!! =)


it does not work!

The label is clickable, but it does not go to another screen!



mit mockup phone

the label just keeps moving up!

Did you register component ? Works fine for me

Yes, I registered the component. Are there any errors in the code? Pls check. Thanks!
Screenshot 2022-05-18 160754

I don't see any, only that you don't need the else condition

If you wish post your aia here

oh, ok! thanks =)


No you didn't


Try this

Space_Potatoes_1.aia (119.8 KB)

oh, THAT register... ok, try it.

like this?