Need some help with app for search local image

I need simple app for personal use. App will contain around 200 image files (jpg) with names like 1, 2, 3 etc. For UI i need input field for image name (1, 2, 3....) and search button. Logic is simple. User type image name, clicks search, app shows image matching the entered name (number) in full screen. Then user can close image and type another name for searching.

Can someone help please? Possibly point to some tutorial or video? Or tell me how to do that app)


How big are those files? It would probably be best if you stored them outside of the App (In the App Specific Directory, aka ASD).

I assume the image names are not simply numbers as that would not require a search.
To Search for an image, even with an incomplete name, list them all in a Blocks List. On entering a name and tapping the search button, the input can be tested against each name in the list via a loop and the "contains text" function. I suggest you display the name found in case more than one matches the input. From there, it's a simple case of fetching the file and displaying it.

Size of all images around 110mb. The names of the pictures should be numbers so user can quickly find the right one

Too big ! See here

Ok, thx a lot!