Need help with listview, firebase and dynamic components

Also, is there a way to organize the elements on the listview in ascending order? It is not super necessary but it would be good to have it.

What is not working for you?

Try this block:

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Show us how you build the Elements list of the ListView for more specific advice.
There are several different new list sorting blocks available.

those are all my code blocks

The code that TIMAI2 gave me, but I modified it a bit and it worked.

And thanks for this, it worked.

forget it.

So you are taking the raw taglist and feeding it directly into the ListView Elements.

What does each Element look like?

You have to know where to look in the database first before deciding to write it.

This requires several steps across multiple events. You might need to add extra Firebase components devoted to pre-checking, before giving the data to other components for the update.

is that what you ar asking?

Yes. So you want to sort by the part after the ':' ?

I think is better to forget that idea, it is not a major problem.

I think by the number and also the part after the ":" if it is possible. Because I think it would look better in ascendant order and in alphabetical order. But if it is not possible I am okey with only the numbers being in order.

You already have the numbers in major order, followed by the names in minor order.

Since the numbers are unique, they over power the names' order.

What if the names were grouped together in number order under the name order?

That's possible with one of the advanced list blocks and the text split at ':' block, along with comparison of item 2 JOINed with item 1.

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Could you explain to me how thet split block works and the other that you mention?

The above example takes your original taglist, then using the split block we create a new list of lists with each tag split to two list items of the number and the crop. We then sort the list of lists by the crop (index 2) and finally put the taglist back together again for displaying the sorted list in the listview. The original indexes for the taglist will, of course, be changed.

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Thanks for the help. You all really helped me a lot.