Need help with android 10 file system

I have an app, where i save, load, list directory, move files, with file component and @Taifun file extension. Works fine on android 9, however i cannot make it work on android 10.
first, lets forget about moving and loading, start with saving.
If im not wrong on Android 10 the file component saves to ADS isnt it?
According to this:

Or maybe the file component cannot create folders in ASD?
This is the save block. I circled the dir that should be crated along with the saved csv.

If the file component cannot create a subdirectory on android 10, then how can i save it to a subdirectory and save the file to there? The component to image extension is an other matter, but i think if i solve the file save, then i will thatt too.

The second question is about @Taifun file extension. That doesnt seems to work for me on andoid 10 either. According to list debugging it use absolute path, so should work on andoid 9 and 10 too. But it doesnt.
It is late here, maybe i misplaced or mistyped something, but i it is the case don't see the mistake.

Only ONE file is generated, with two possible paths, depending on which component needs access to it

Sure, but i not quoted because how many files generated, but where is generated. It shows the ASD that i highlighted with bold fonts.

/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/ /B.txt

Tested on Andriod 10 using companion

Using Sunny's FileTools extension:

Create the directory then save to new directory using File component

Getting file list


With regard to the componentToImage extension, iirc the file path is hard coded to /storage/emulated/0 in the extension. This may need reworking by Jerin Jacob, the developer (please correct me if i am wrong here)

the file component can't create directories

the file extension is able to create a directory automatically if you copy a file to a path, which currently does not exist

what is the value of AppDir? you might want to provide a screenshot including Do it result...
the file extension offers a method ApplicationSpecificDirectory you could use...
however as the file component was not able to create that directory, the file is not there...


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This is the Apprdir:

however as the file component was not able to create that directory, the file is not there...

You are right, but then the list is only gives null, but the problem is even te directory is not there too :slight_smile:

Thank you Tim, i will test that extension.

this path is incorrect...
a correct path after building your app would be
assuming your project name is myapp

let me suggest you to use the ApplicationSpecificDirectory method of one the the 3 extensions which can provide that path... then you also can test it in the companion app...

yes, as alreasdy mentioned, the file component can't create directories...


Yes, that is the correct directory, and it is declared that way, i just wrote it from memory, but badly, sorry.
Now with the file extension the directory is made well, and the csv is saved, i only need to fix the image saving, but i'm on the right track. Thank you all.

Thank you Tim!
It is works fine with Sunny's FileTools extension.
As the Component to image you are right. But there is an other / at the end. That what confused me, because i added an other / before filename so the file path become /0//xy.png at the end. Unexpectedly on android 9 worked. On android 10 not.
And since android 10 can acces root dir i could move from there where i want. I suspect it wont work with android 11, but i dont have one.

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