Need Help: Make an App for COVID

People, I’m running an active Facebook group for Makers, Innovators, Doctors and Volunteers working over the COVID-19 crisis. The community has now more than 1200 members from more than 80 countries.

Since last two days, I’ve been co-ordinating between doctors and volunteers from NYC, DC etc. day and night. Now the community is getting bigger and now we need an app for the group.

Please let me know if anyone is interested in making an app for the group. Please volunteer!


@sarkar Are you looking for an app that helps manage the community, or a project that the community can take on building?

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@ewpatton Yep, app that helps manage community.
Also the one that helps co-ordinate between doctors and volunteers using maps, lists possibleDIY solutions posted by group members etc.

I see your request as being very vague. What type of map would be helpful? You mentioned maps.

Here is an AI2 tutorial that shows all the locations and pharmacies in an area. It shows which ones are open late and how far they are from the user of the Android. What could be included is providing a GoogleNavigate map that shows someone how to get to each of these pharmacies.

This apps locations are driven by a GoogleSpreadsheet hosted on a coordinators PC GoogleDrive. The locations and information can be continuously updated by modifying the spreadsheet.!msg/mitappinventortest/YeZQwF3YvNg/gOcTcBusAQAJ

This is one type of app. It can show where facilities and resources needed are available and how to get there.

To a developer what is critical is knowing what the doctors and volunteers need. So what do your ‘clients’ want to do or have available in real time on a map? That drives what is built. If the app is too complex, the emergency will be over before an app can be developed.


From start to finish…35 minutes

This is a finder app. Find a hospital, a take out restaurant etc. based on where you are located (it has a LocationSensor to know). Find anything the responders might find useful.
theApp doing a Google search.

With only 57 Blocks. Is this the kind of stuff that might be useful.
COVIDFacilityMaps.aia (4.0 KB)


Thanks for the tutorial and the small app!

Yep, I know! I was co-ordinating with volunteers and had no time to write a detailed request! Well, I need doctors or their representatives to list their requests and volunteers to list their availability as well as list the type of assistance they can provide. Use of map would be helpful. Doctors' requests and volunteers' availability would have different color markers. Once you click on marker, you get the details.

I also need the tab where there is a list of all the projects posted in the group, that volunteers can utilize.

Also, it'd be great if the app-maker volunteers add their own ideas by looking at the group.

Also I wish to have a tab where we list name of all the volunteers including the app-makers.

It seems I had forgotten to post the group link, so I'm posting it now.

Have you looked at Google Group? That is not a mobile app but you can access it from mobile devices. If that does not have all your requirements, can you list what is missing and maybe then it can help describe it.

I've done such a project recently, see

Maybe my listview template can help

I could try to fuse both projects together

@Red_Panda Thanks!

Yes, please try!

Also, PM me your real name if you wish to add in the app as volunteer developer.

Might be of use:

In this discussion I have put information about Airtable and curl