Need help in UI for a page in the app

Hi, I'm creating an app for power cut schedules in Sri Lanka. I need some help in the Welcome screen of the app. The UI isn't attective an I feel the user may feel the app isn't good if the Welcome screen is not nice.
Power_Cut.aia (3.0 MB)
The AIA file is above :point_up:
If anybody is ready to update the Welcome Screen for free, please PM me.

You can take help from this Text Animation - Animate Texts to create welcome screen


@Faraz_Firoz, the extension is great, however it doesn't work for my app.
Does anybody else have any free extensions which help in great #ui?

Simple. Modify image as required. The image could be your RR-Media Logo or whatever.
Adapted after Tim's example Set first screen/activity running my app - #6 by TIMAI2 .

simpleSplash_timer (1).aia (9.4 KB)

@SteveJG, thanks for your reply, but I found a solution. I'll combine this extension with the welcome page and use it: [Free] IntroZ - Create Circle Revealed Splash Screen

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