Need font that displays Chinese characters better

I created a Chinese learning app, and I need a font that represents the Chinese characters better than the available fonts. I would need a list of fonts similar to those in Word or Excel. I don't want to create any fonts. Which extension would be suitable, and where can I get it?

Thank you in advance for your help


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you might want to use unicode chinese characters. Word and excel uses unicodes!

no need of extensions/font!

example: 漢字 (it's unicode)

可以使用MyFonts 作者是@Anke


Yes exactly as @Kevinkun mention you can use myfont extension, but in future you will find a support of custom font in App Inventor it self because as a part of 2021 GSoC I worked on it.


@AyProductions All Characters in Chinese are Unicode characters :slight_smile: .

In Chinese, we also have different fonts. This is a diagram of different fonts in Chinese.

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Step 1

Click on one of these links, depending on your region.

(For Hong Kong & Macau users) Google Fonts

(For Mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia users) Google Fonts

(For Taiwan users) Google Fonts

Note: I checked, some of them have file sizes > 5 MB, do not use them!

Step 2

When the new tab is opened, click on a font that you like. It seems that you have wider options if you use Simplified Chinese.

Click 'Download family'.

The system will open a .ZIP file for you. Open it.

(A screenshot of the ZIP file, it's all Chinese)

Drag out the TTF file (the icon with a little A) into the Desktop.

Step 3

Download this extension's AIX file and import it into MIT App Inventor. Drag out 1 of this extension into the Viewer.

Upload the TTF font file into the Media panel in the Designer.

Note: If App Inventor said that the file is too large, use another font.


Then, use this code:



Yes correct @Gordon_Lu but he mentioned word and excel they use Unicode


Thank you. I followed your instructions.
MyFonts1 is in Components.

The fonts from Google were all about 8MB and they were not uploaded, saying they are too large. But I found on a different site a TTF file - HDZB_36 - of about 4MB.
I use this code:
I want the font for a label and 4 buttons.

But nothing happens. The code and everything works, no error message, but the font has not changed.

Have I missed something?

pls upload the ttf here or tellme where to download?

English Name: Simplified Chinese Clerical Script Font

Upload these large files (> 5 MB) to the assets via 7-Zip or WinRAR.
Search the forum, I made some video tutorials for this.

See e.g. here:

Hello Marc

The font probably takes a second or so to load, meaning your .SetFont Blocks immediately below call too early. If you specify the font in the Designer Palette instead, that should be good to go but if it still fails, load the font @ Screen Init (as you have done) and call a Clock Timer to apply the font to the components. Set the Clock Timer to at least 1 second.