Navigation module doesn't seem to be working for the last few days

. I have no knowledge about which platforms provide this facility. I will be very thankful to him who will help

What exactly is your question ?

A mi me estaba fallando de igual manera el componente Navigation y buscando una solución escribí un programa en Apps Script de Google que visita la página de ORS y me devuelve los Points de la ruta y otros datos de interes. A este programa le envío las coordenadas de inicio y fin, visita la página de ORS y me devuelve los datos que necesito como json. A partir de ahí dejé de usar el componente Navigation que estaba dando problemas. Mi aplicación funciona de maravillas, como mismo funcionaba antes de que se dañara Navigation

Welcome @Aramis_Garcia

Consider sharing your code where you use the ORS api code as a substitute for the Navigate control with the community. Post the required Blocks here perhaps?

MIT hopefully will post the fix to the Navigate error problem soon.

That works a treat Steve. Many thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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Thanks Steve. Interesting that ORS works from non MITApp routes; you tried the web component and I tried python. Also, when using the MITApp route, my quota count on ORS is decremented which Free fire nickname makes me guess that ORS did serve the request but somehow MITAppInventor didn't route the response back to the app.