My Qibla - The Qibla finder

Anyone who want to try to create app for "The Qibla finder" could visit this youtube link :
App Inventor Qibla Finder | Location Finder | Qibla Finder App Inventor | Qibla Compass App Inventor (

And then you could download 'the aia file' to see the block code of app especially if you get some difficulties to follow what the author said and shown in that youtube link for design and code of the app.

My Qibla app that I have created follow that youtube link with a little additional of code to add "If then code" that ignore 'small move of phone device' when finding qibla direction.

Have a test for user who interested on qibla finder app.

My_Qibla (1).aia (42.5 KB)

That delay function looks like trouble.

It might trouble but I don't use it in the app.
Please share the correct delay code should be.

Look for the post on Why You Can't Wait in AI2

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Noted on delay not support on ai2.

of course AI2 support delay, but not in your way. You need a clock. timer event.

Is this the way?