My project is deleted

i am using this for last 6 month today morning my all project were deleted and shows me blank

Are you sure you used the same account when you logged in?

Check trash,clear cache

Hello Master of FF

Your Projects should be safe and sound on the MIT Server. MIT does not delete them.

So, what has happen at your end recently?

  1. Have you changed your email address used for your App Inventor account?
  2. Does anyone else have access to your App Inventor Account?

Try closing your Browser and logging in again.
Note that only FireFox and Chrome fully support App Inventor.

I can assign your issue to MIT if you still cannot login and see your Projects. Someone will contact you for your details so that they can find your projects on the Server (do not put them on the forum). However, that probably would not happen over the week end, sorry.

Which server do you use?

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