My application minimizes itself on Android 14

Try on your other test devices to put the app in the background and then see what happens, if you put the app in the foreground again.


So the question is, why does your app crash on Android 14 or on your special device.

This extension don´t work.
I had do this:

These blocks do not make sense.
Put the .MoveTaskToBackground block into a Button.Click event.

I had created a button on the main screen. I have done your idea, but it doesn´t fit the problem. If I push the button, then the app goes to the background but doesn´t crash, if I put the app in the foreground it still working, but after a few minutes the app finishes by itself and goes to the background.

No, it crashes or is terminated, because

This does not happen on your other (non-Android 14) devices, if you put the app in the background and then in the foreground again. Right?

That's correct. In the other Android I don't loose the data's.

So the app crashes on Android 14. Post the aia or send it to me via PM (or upload the APK to Google Drive and post the link).

This is the link to Google Drive to the Apk:

Hello again. I have install in the same tablet another app make by me also with App Inventor. After 3 minutes the app returns to the screen 1 and it loses all datas.
This app doesn't go to background.
How strange!!

I cannot reproduce the issue on Android 14. So it doesn't seem to be an Android 14 problem, but a device-specific problem.

Ummmm. Is it a Samsung device?

No, Google Pixel 7 Pro.

No issues here as well.
Funtouch OS Android 14.

As already suggested 20 posts ago:
use logcat to find out what is going on


I will try it.

I have do what Taifun said. When the app was runnig, ADB show a lot of text, the screen full of it. In several places talk about tokens, toast... Before tha app crash, say this:
05-24 17:53:45.031 1135 1177 E ActivityManager: Unable to freeze binder for 14173: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to freeze/unfreeze binder
05-24 17:53:45.031 1135 1177 E libprocessgroup: No such cgroup attribute: /sys/fs/cgroup/uid_10220/cgroup.freeze
05-24 17:53:45.031 1135 1177 W libprocessgroup: Failed to apply Frozen process profile: No such file or directory
05-24 17:53:45.032 1135 1164 D DisplayManagerService: Drop pending events for gone uid 10220
05-24 17:53:45.034 1135 1177 I ActivityManager: Killing 14173:appinventor.ai_comitefvlc.Vela_Latina_Canaria/u0a220 (adj 0): Too many Binders sent to SYSTEM

I don´t undertand it, but one idea come to me: Delete the notifier that is allway runnig to keep the screen on..... AND IT'S WORKS!!!
Now the text on ADB is very clear and the App don't crash.

Thanks to Anke, Taifun and Timai2 for the help.

Which btw was my first suggestion and replace it with the KeepScreenOn merhod. .



I don't understand at all why this should be a solution for Android 14.

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