Multiple choice quiz retrieving questions and answers from google sheets or csv

Hello everyone
I have made a simple quiz with 4 multiple choice answers and at the end, it shows how many points you got from correct answers ( at the moment I have only 4 questions as a sample BUT my aim is to have let's say 30 questions from each category. it will have 5 categories)
my question is how can I retrieve the question, the possible answers, and the correct answers.
I have made a sample sheet with columns: question, possible answers,

and correct answer

I am showing all my code in blocks and my designer which includes a listview, a label that shows the text of the question, a label that shows if you win (invisible at the start), a label that shows up with the score at the end of the game and a button Ok to go on.

Any help it will be appreciated. i have seen a lot of thing in the forum but i got confused

A Multiple Choice Quiz: How to work with the advanced features


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by icon24 Taifun.

See this video :wink:

Ignore the title, it covers getting all sheet content as well
(excuse the need to reload the companion, I only live streamed it earlier today)


Get a Single Cell from a Google Sheet


Use gviz to get and query google sheet data

as @TIMAI2 already mentioned, use the Google Visualization API to query your spreadsheet, see also

to get the questions:
select A

to get the answers (and let me suggst to have the correct answer always in column B, you do not need an additional column F with the correct answers...)
select B,C,D,E


For more help you could watch today in Youtube

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And i think @TIMAI2 will also be available to answer any questions after or during his presentation.

The correct time is diplayed here
Query a Google Sheet using Google Visualisation (gviz) and return results to App Inventor App by @TIMAI2

So for me it will start in 25 minutes already.

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Greetings, I think that one of the main and potential benefits of quizzes done on mobile phones is that, when you change the screen or minimize it, or more clearly that they try to find the answer on another screen such as Google or chats, then the exam is closed and I can't enter again

To find it out, use the ActivityChanged event from the tools extension


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Regards. the truth, I looked for it and I did not find it.
How can I get it?

Read the large green box on the bottom of this page and find the Download link below that box