Modify fields in a sheets from Inventor 2

I added a column called "series" to my excel sheets and it no longer modifies any column, if I leave only the 3 initials (id, type, brand) if it makes the modification... please help... I need to add several more columns .



Possibly the Script is not correctly updated.

a que te refieres amigo?

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what do you mean friend?

Sorry, I didn't mean to bother you, actually from those videos I was able to create a small app, I'm new to this, now I ran into this problem and I don't know how to solve it, that's why I thought you could help me in this community... I ask again apologies.

Which is why I wrote the above guide, to help you overcome the problems caused by "those videos"

Dear, thank you very much for your help, now it works perfectly for me... I didn't understand it before because my English is not very good... As a last question, I would like to know what this block is for and where I can find it... Regards

This is an anyComponent Textbox block

add some more fields to the sheet of your example and when saving it gives me this error...


sorry, I solved it... thank you very much for your help