Modificar precios? -- Modify prices

Hola amigos, les quería consultar si es posible modificar precios de una app sin actualizarla. Ya que si alguien no actualiza a la versión nueva los precios quedan desactualizado.

Hello friends, I wanted to ask if it is possible to modify prices of an app without updating it. Since if someone does not update to the new version, the prices are outdated.

what prices are you talking about?
you always can set the price for an app in the Google Play settings without updating the app


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Excuse me, it wasn't clear. For example, if I have an application from a virtual store and I add prices to the products, is there a way to modify them even if the customer does not update the application?

Okay so you have an application for an online supermarket (or something like that)where there are products and you have prices set for each of those things , right ?
And you (the service provider) wish to change the prices.

If I understood what you want
Using a real-time firebase DB may help you. There maybe other approaches as well.

If you wish to use real-time firebase DB here's a quick tutorial for the same.

Romin Irani's bus route tutorial

Also see
FAQ: firebase

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thanks, just wanted to know if it was possible to do it. Now I will read about firebase. thank you very much

you can use any online database

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