Mit app inventor loop with all components

The task is this:
you need to programmatically create 300 Marker components on the map and then assign them the coordinates that I have in the csv file. Actually, how to create components using a loop and write them to an array? or so it is impossible here. Well, then I will refer to them using this array.

P. S. do not want to add 300 elements manually to the field, and then to the array.изображение_2021-04-24_135142

A community search for map markers may have helped you......

Also see here:

I need to create components in a loop

Why using a loop? what does in a loop mean to you?

This nonsense code creates 300 random run time Map Marker components.

If you use it with a List of 300 latitude/longitude pairs you got your app possibly :slight_smile:

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