MIT APP INVENTOR earn money (by teaching others how to code)

Hii, I'm 15. Actually, I always wanted to become a young talent always. I have been a winner to create app using MIT app inventor conducted by an institution. I'm learning AI now. So I want to earn money by teaching MIT APP INVENTOR because I want to do some welfare activities with my own money. So I want to earn by teaching MIT app inventor. So I need ideas. Please give me ideas

I guess you can hold classes online, you can have a YouTube channel that can make money (once you reach enoug subscribes, YouTube will pay you for view), or you can publish apps that cost money on the Play Store or App Store

I’m in the same position as you right now, and this is what I’m considering

Yh I thought about that earlier. I even started a youtube channel..I don't think its reachable to gain views..Thanks for replying. Good luck for u too

  • Does your school have a programming class? If so, you could offer to tutor students after school hours for a small fee. Just post a notice on your school bulletin board that you are available to tutor App Inventor programming (if the school permits).

  • Place a notice in your public library bulletin board indicating that you tutor App Inventor programming. Provide your contact information. Ask the librarian for permission first.

  • Does your town have a tutoring center? Perhaps you can volunteer (free) or the center faculty would allow you to tutor for a salary?

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Thank you so much for your ideas.I will try those

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