MIT App inventor App does not detect microbit Bluetooth

Hi all,

Looking to control a microbit using an app created with MIT App inventor using Android Phone. Microbit is connected to phone bluetooth. App is downloaded to the same phone AI Companion. But if i press the scan button in the app, this doesnot list the microbit bluetooth.

Kindly help

Trainer P

Is your microbit BLE?
See FAQ Section: BlueTooth/BLE and Micro:bit

Have you paired the micro:bit with the phone by entering the security code? If not, App Inventor will be unable to see it.

@ABG Micro:bit is always BLE
Trainer P: what is the code on your micro:bit? Do you have a hex file for it?
If yes, is the .hex file created with Microsoft MakeCode?
If yes, load your .hex file in MakeCode, go to the project settings (the round wheel on the top right) and set No Pairing Required: Anyone can connect via Bluetooth. to on. Reload the hex file on your micro:bit.
You should now be able to see it.
If anything is NO in your replies, then what are you trying to do??
Cheers, Ghica.

.hex file is created using makecode
(cant upload the .hex file here, uploading the screen shot of the file)

tried no pairing, still app cannot detect microbit
trialioT.aia (250.3 KB)

Trying to connect the App created using appinventor and the microbit using bluetooth in android phone with latest android version.

yes, tried with it as well. tried bittyblue and i could connect to the phone and use the examples. only appinventor doesnt detect

Which version of the BLE extension for App Inventor did you use? And which version of the microbit extension? Although you would not need the microbit extension just to connect. I cannot look at your .aia right now, will look later. To speed things up, you could post your blocks (go to empty spot in the blocks editor press your right mouse button and choose download blocks as image, post that image).
Your .hex looks ok. So the problem must be your AI blocks.
Cheers, Ghica

Hi TrainerP,
In your .aia I found that you are using an old BLE extension. Try the one here:
Cheers, Ghica.

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thank for the support. will try using this extension and get back to you

Excellent, it works fine. Thanks to you all for the prompt replies.

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Glad it worked. Look here for ideas for how to continue:
Cheers, Ghica.

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