MintegralAds Extension [PAID]

MintegralAds Extension

An extension to monetize your application with Mintegral ads.

What is Mintegral?

Mintegral is AI-driven, programmatic and interactive ad platform that offers cross-regional mobile marketing solutions and insights for advertisers and mobile publishers worldwide and is dedicated to bridging the gap between East and West.

Extension Properties

Sdk Initialization

As the first step of integration,you need to add the Mintegral SDK to your project.

Banner Ad

Banner ads is the most traditional type of advertising for mobile advertising. It is easy to implement and highly user-acceptable. It is a good form of realization for ultra-casual games and tools.

Interstitial Ad

The new interstitial ad is an upgraded version of the interstitial ad. You can choose the size of the ad in the dashboard. it is divided into full-screen and half-screen. In both full-screen and half-screen scenarios, developers can choose the type of ads to run, which are image + video, Video only, image only. It is suitable for use when switching more application scenarios.

Rewarded Ad

Rewarded Video is one of the best performing Ads formats on the Mintegral platform. Users can get rewards by watching a video Ads. The creativity and attention-grabbing nature of the video content attracts users to download the advertised product.

Splash Ad

Splash ad is one of the most popular forms of advertising. This type is more suitable for placing e-commerce and brand advertisements, and traffic access is also very suitable for accessing application-type traffic. Users can click on the ad to jump to the ad landing page, or click on the "skip" button in the upper right corner to jump to the app content home page. It will load when your app is opened, and automatically close and enter your app's main interface after the display is complete.

Style: There are two styles of half-screen and full-screen ads. In the case of half-screen, it supports the definition of logo images, and also supports vertical and horizontal screens.

Native Ad

The Automatic Rending Native launched by Mintegral is simpler than ordinary Native ads. Developers only need to provide a wide and high area, and Mintegral will automatically display the ad templates and materials that match it. While reducing developer docking costs, more efficiently use the Mintegral algorithm to output advertising ideas, thereby improving developer income levels.

Test Ids

The ads you get during the test are official Mintegral ads, so they will be affected by the intelligent optimization of the algorithm. If load fails frequently during the test and returns EXCEPTION_RETURN_EMPTY, you can use the following test id for testing.

AppKey: 7c22942b749fe6a6e361b675e96b3ee9
AppId: 144002

AdFormat - Placement Id - UnitId - Bid UnitId
Banner: 290655-462376-1542105
Native: 290656-462377-1542107
Rewarded: 290651-462372-1542101
Interstitial: 290653-462374-1542103
Splash: 328916-1542060-1566319
Native: 328917-1542077-1592613

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Extension specifications:

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SDK Version: 16.1.91
Price: $11 USD
Last amendment: 04 August 2022
Supported builder: App Inventor, Kodular (Premium), Niotron (Monetization), and other App Inventor distributions

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