Map with n. X element with name alongside

I would like to view a map and on this one of the devices with his name
Basically, on the map n.5 coloured dots (or flag or other indicator) should appear with a text next to it to indicate the name of the device
Is it possible to obtain the effect I have described above, a map with the position of n.5 devices, so as to understand which is the device 1, which is the 2, and so on?

Maybe. It depends on exactly what you intend to do. It is possible for multiple users to share their locations using the CloudDB and a Map component. Is that what you want to do?

How it might be accomplished
Create an app using the CloudDB, a LocationSensor and a Map component. The app can report the geocoordinates of any device that uses the same apk and display it on a map.

  • Device A sends its location to the CloudDB
  • Devices B,C,D,and E receive that information and place a Marker A showing A’s location on everyone’s map. The A marker could be red.
  • Similarly B would send its location to the CloudDB, its marker could be blue. Now there are two markers on the maps in A,B,C,D and E.
  • the other devices would report their geocoordinates to the CloudDB app.

Each device is identified on the Map by its color. If you touch one of the Markers, the Marker can be designed to provide other information to the user. Can the name be alongside? No, that is one part of your Project that is not possible. You could provide custom markers that each has a letter A,B,C,D,E or other characteristics that would identify the user of each device.

This is complex and an advanced Project. Can it be done? Yes, if you have the coding skills using App Inventor 2.

Good luck.


Hi amorosik
Did you write your app?

@Hamid_Adib ... what have you tried?

This tutorial shows one way to do part of what amorosik wanted to do (provide a map to all users showing where the other devices are located)

Is it what you want to do?

Here is a similar tutorial that describes almost the same thing

Developers can also use a GoogleSpreadsheet that all the users post their coordinates to.