Making Filtered Search Feature in a search engine based app

well I will hide any emotions next time, where did he come from as in he didn't reply to any of my inquires and he just came here to police me. he thinks I have time for any of that? I said I needed urgent help and for him to just interfere without any intentions to help but rather to be extremely sensitive about something that I didn't even think about is quite tone deaf by itself? don't you think?

and since you bothered to reply to my reply to some guy's reply, can you take a look at my latest code of the images I posted? nothing has been fixed and I got into an unnecessary "argument" just to be left alone with no help

Which may well continue if you maintain that attitude :wink: Calm down, be patient, if anyone can help, they will. Remember, most of the PowerUsers are volunteers, giving of their own time freely when they can. Oh, there is no argument, unless you want one? "Do you want the 5 minute or 10 minute argument ?"

Some might say "from a long time ago, far far away, too distant to remember...", but actually, just a humble Power User and community moderator, helping to keep the community tidy and within the guidelines.

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okay, job well done I guess

  1. don't write in caps
  2. accept that anyone can interfere even if it's out of topic and totally irrelevant
  3. don't show emotions
  4. no sense of humor
  5. no one is forced to help

any other guidelines I should know about since I literally joined yesterday?

Here is my take on your requirement for a checkbox selecting list:


What you can do with your data is, for example, just select items 1 and 2 from your experts data to display in the listview

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While I was taking care of personal matters, I remembered a general solution to this type of problem I had posted 5 years ago:

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I did try

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I didn't notice him saying 'no sense of humor'. Sense of humor is allowed to some extent with exceptions...

Too much humor is not good for the community :wink:

I am no longer going to comment on this thread...

Thank you, I tried this and nothing showed up in the list view :frowning:

Also, I'm trying to show the results of the filtered search on a virtual screen that's hidden but will be displayed once an "apply button" is clicked.

I don't think it's the same problem.

I did exactly as you did and didn't work, so here is how I did it, trying to accommodate to my codes and this is the type of error that it shows.

For starters

Should be Checkbox.Text

it worked thank you so much :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

I hope you have a good day or night! I truly appreciate it, you saved me!!

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