Make a design to show the date

For example this way:


@Anke, I want to make a design not the code. Is it possible?

@Kevinkun, I have got to this level, the problem is, I want the outside arrangement (the lighter orange) to be shorter than the circle like this

How can I do that?


Anyway, I showed you both.

make one with a photo editor like photoshop.

No I need to know how to make the rectangle at the back be shorter than the circle. And I can’t figure out how to do that. It’s probably something like overlapping but how is that down??

You mean the background image❓


borrar_fondolabel.aia (4.4 KB)

Check if it works for you with a background image for different screen sizes.

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Yes, this will look different on different screen sizes:


This could work, but the circle needs to be dragged right? I want it to be fixed.
Sorry if there is an obvious answer, but I am rather a beginner

Perhaps by improving the width percentage of the labels and unchecking HasMargin you can get better centering.

borrar_fondolabel2.aia (4.5 KB)

Thanks I’ll check when I get my lap and let you know

Try this one (it should work on all Android versions / devices and also in Landscape / Portrait mode):

Check it on your test devices.

The screenshots are from a Pixel 4XL, Android 12:


Thanks, it works now!

Pixel 4XL (Android 12):


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Ok thanks very much :+1:

Try this one (on different devices):
dateDesign2.aia (4.7 KB)

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This is very smart!

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