locationSensor & BTclient Interfering?

Don't know if it will help, but have you considered this:

As far as I am aware, html5 geolocation will use whatever location service is available (wifi/data/gps) to return an accurate position

If you use the list to csv rows block together with AvailableProviders and post a Do it result then we knew more...

Make sure to enable GPS...

What do you get 1 minute later?


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What happens when you force the Provider to gps? Do you see the location icon in your title bar? See the attached image. If so, you are using gps. if not, you are probably letting Android decide and using fused

On my Samsung A13, these are the Providers possible.

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thanks, that really clears a lot up - ill be able to give it a shot this evening and ill be on the lookout for the appropriate icon. I appreciate all the help.
the double fused option had me extremely confused (wow... no pun intended)

also all this really makes sense why setting a google maps destination makes it work - like you all say, its probably literally driving it to the appropriate provider (which probably takes more power and why its not the primary unless forced)
a lot of assumptions there on my part, but I really appreciate the help - making progress is always a relief

so I wanted to follow up with everyone - being a long time automotive tuning forum guy (usually I'm the one answering other peoples questions), its nice when people follow up with the resolution of an issue.

so, that being said - I appreciate everyone's help. The below layout works well and for me and doesnt cause any issues despite being a part of a MUCH larger app that constantly is reading and parsing BT.
response time is immediate, without any delays or hangups - from rural areas to in town.

can what I did be improved upon? surely - but this will get someone rolling with an extremely functional setup from my experience.

speedo works2

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