Location Sensor with firbaseDB not working

I have an app that was designed to track my location. I used FirebasedDB1 components with my realtime database url. The exact address is not showing. Occasionally generating errors. Please help

Hi, @Uroct have you tried to remove the FribaseDB component?

No, I tried working with the FirebaseDB1 component

don't you read the massage when you want to drop the firebase component?

I think there is a problem with firebase component

Firebase is not a supported component currently. You will have to test the app with Android.

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Noted.This explains why. Thanks

I cant get data to firebase too

Khyle, welcome to the community. Please read the previous posts. As mentioned, Firebase is not available on the iOS version, so you will have to use Android to test your app.


@Uroct , @Khyle_Rivera Have you tried coding your app to use the CloudDB control instead of FirebaseDB?

The controls are similar. The following Android examples might work using ios. Do they? Could you let us know whether either run in ios please?


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